About Us

Atlas EPS specializes in the development and manufacture of innovative, high-quality, HFC- and HCFC-free Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) insulation for construction, packaging and OEM products. With plants across the U.S., Atlas EPS — headquartered in Byron Center, Michigan, at the largest EPS manufacturing plant in the industry — can provide product solutions coast-to-coast. Since the mid-1960s, Atlas EPS has played a significant part in the growth of technology and product applications in the EPS industry.

Atlas EPS insulation is suitable for interior and exterior construction applications, various packaging uses and as part of manufactured systems, such as recreational vehicles, garage and pedestrian doors and sun room panels. Durable, yet lightweight, Atlas EPS rigid insulation is easily cut and installed with minimal waste.

Atlas EPS is a division of Atlas Roofing Corporation, a well-established manufacturer in the construction industry that offers a diverse line of roofing, sheathing and insulation products. For more information about Atlas Roofing Corporation, visit www.atlasroofing.com.

Atlas EPS goes beyond just manufacturing products. We’re constantly working with customers to develop new products and new applications for our rigid insulation. With a dedicated Engineering Department and Quality Assurance Group, we can work with you to ensure the best possible product designs at a competitive price. Whatever your fitness-for-use may be, the Atlas EPS team can help translate your requirements into viable product solutions. Atlas EPS products are third-party tested and certified and listed with ICC-ES, Underwriters Laboratories, Factory Mutual and ONNCCE. To register for more information or help, go to the Contact Us page.