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Atlas® Roofing Corporation is an innovative, customer-oriented manufacturer of residential and commercial building materials. Atlas has grown from a single roofing shingle manufacturing facility in 1982 into an industry leader with 19 plants in North America and worldwide product distribution. All Atlas products are manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities and shipped worldwide from its network of manufacturing plants and distribution facilities in the United States and Canada. Atlas Roofing Corporation is made up of 6 major divisions: Wall Insulation, Roof Insulation, Roof Shingles, Roof Underlayment, Web Technologies, and Atlas EPS.

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Atlas Web Technologies® focuses on the development of state-of-the-art substrate products for the building, construction, lamination, and OEM industries. The solutions developed for customers are derived from three primary technologies; recycled paper, coated non-wovens, and hybrids of these base technologies. Atlas Roofing Corporation is the only polyiso producer to manufacture and develop its own facers. Atlas Web Technologies® also manufactures Fire Retardant Slipsheets, FR-10 and FR-50, that help to enhance the overall fire performance of many conventional commercial roof systems.

Atlas began producing Glass Reinforced Facer (GRF) used for its commercial roofing product (ACFoam II®) in 1988. The development of Coated Glass Facers (CGF) began in 1991 with the introduction of Rboard®, a polyiso wall insulating sheathing product from Atlas that revolutionized the industry. Atlas innovations led to the development of Coated Glass Facers for numerous gypsum products. The growth of coated glass markets led to the construction of our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in 2003. Atlas Web Technologies® developed the coating technology that led to the introduction of the first high performance polyiso roof insulation product capable of never-before-seen wind uplift ratings for membranes adhered directly to polyiso, ACFoam®-IV.