Case Study – Fifth Third Ball Park

Fifth Third Ball Park 2

Progressive A/E has used geofoam on several projects. Their latest is Whitecap Stadium Fifth Third Ballpark.  Approximately 900 cubic yards of EPS 15 was used as a lightweight fill and to reduce lateral pressure. The field is being renovated to add administrative offices along the first base side where a hill previously existed.  The hill was excavated, and Elevation® geofoam was installed and butted up against the back wall of the administrative office.  Elevation® Geofoam has been used on the outfield bleachers at Wrigley Field, as well as the minor league field in Tennessee.  Elevation® Geofoam weighs 1-3 pounds per cubic foot, versus soil which weights 100-120 pounds per cubic foot.  Elevation® Geofoam is available in 7 grades of material based on ASTM D6817 with varying compressive strengths up to 2,678 psf at 1% deformation.

Material Used: Approximately 900 cubic yards of EPS 15Fifth Third Ball Park 1
Structural Engineer: Progressive A/E
Architect: Progressive A/E
General Contractor: Wolverine Construction
Geofoam Contractor: Velting Excavating
Geofoam Manufacturer: Elevation Geofoam by Atlas EPS

Lisa Render
Geofoam Specialist
Atlas EPS