Case Study / Giant Legos? – No, It’s Color Coded Elevation Geofoam

Giant Legos? – No, It’s Color Coded Elevation Geofoam
New embankments are being built with geofoam blocks in Milwaukee, WI. The engineers needed to reduce lateral pressure on building foundations running adjacent to the freeway and  decrease construction time to keep downtown traffic moving. They turned to geofoam, an engineered fill that weighs 1-3 pounds per cubic foot vs soil, which weighs 100-140 pounds per cubic foot. Geofoam also provides compressive strength of up to 2876 psf at 1% deformation.

Walsh Construction was awarded the job and chose Elevation® RoadMax™ geofoam to build the 3 geofoam embankments. Installing 2 material grades was easy with the use of color coded blocks: EPS29 for the bottom layers were orange, while the topmost layer of EPS39 was left white. Color coding the material makes installation easier and saves money from over-specifying the lower layers to the higher material grade.

Material Used:
Approximately 11,000 cubic yards
EPS 29 orange bottom layers

EPS 39 white top layer

Owner: WISDOT Project Manager
Project Design By: Baker Corp/GRAEF
General Contractor: Walsh Construction
Geofoam Contractor: Walsh Construction
Geofoam Manufacturer: Elevation® RoadMax™ Geofoam by Atlas EPS

To learn more about Elevation® geofoam, contact Lisa Render, Atlas EPS Geofoam Specialist, at 616-889-5264. CEU presentations are available and can be tailored to your specific project. “Think Beyond the Block” and explore what Elevation® geofoam can do for your next project.

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