Case Study / OEM Customer

Atlas EPS OEM Production Manager Delivers Expert Customer Service

Atlas EPS has an OEM customer who services the RV market. Products that this company manufactures include heating systems, cooking appliances, doors, vents, caps with latches, handrails, steps, grab rails, windows and more.

This company recently purchased a lamination production line for RV doors. This machine is a hot melt laminator with a “nip roll” rotary press. Atlas EPS was supplying 100% virgin rigid insulation material to be used as the core of these doors. With increasing pressure to keep costs down, the customer requested options for core material that included recycled content. When Atlas EPS supplied these samples, and the customer did a trial run, the part came out of the lamination line badly bowed. Apparently, the less rigid recycle product reacted differently to the nip rolling process. While Atlas EPS could have suggested just returning to the more expensive virgin material, instead, Production Manager Bob Dever, and one of our lamination experts, visited the customer to try to solve the problem.

When Bob arrived at the customer’s plant, he immediately noticed some issues with the nip roll section of the laminator. It appeared that the rollers were out of alignment with each other and that the gauge on the adjusting mechanism was not calibrated correctly. Also, the lay-up tables on both sides of the nip roller were not set at the correct height. Bob and the customer’s plant staff got to work taking precise measurements and making adjustments. Soon, the lower-cost core material could be used without any issues — in fact, the laminated door parts were coming out straighter then they had been with the virgin material.

Atlas EPS offers this type of expert customer service to all of its OEM customers, as well as our construction and packaging customers. We aim to understand the “fitness-for-use” of the product, supply the most economical material and work with our customers to fine-tune their process for maximum long-term benefit to both parties.