Case Study – Wrigley Field

Elevation® Geofoam – How Will You Use It? Wrigley Field – Concrete Form & Lightweight Fill 


Osborn Engineering had designed with geofoam once before on the Cleveland Medical Mart plaza deck project. When they were asked to help design the renovation of Wrigley Field’s outfield bleachers to create the Budweiser party deck, they knew just the right material to use to form the concrete deck. This area was originally standard stadium seating and they wanted to create a large flat platform. Large blocks of Elevation® geofoam allowed Strata Contractors installation team to install during February, despite the snow and unfavorable conditions. The blocks quickly filled the existing risers and allowed for the concrete pour and finishing touches before opening day of the 2012 season.

Material used: approximately 140 cubic yards of EPS29
Structural Engineer: Osborn Engineering
General Contractor: Strata Contractors
Geofoam Contractor: Strata Contractors
Geofoam Manufacturer: Elevation Geofoam by Atlas EPS