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IJ9A0798 (condensed file)Stop going in circles, when you can do it all in one lap with ThermalStar® LCi-SS™!  ThermalStar LCi-SS is an innovative solution because it reduces material and labor costs by combining continuous insulation, code presriptive structural capactiy and a water resistive barrier all in one product. Have it all and do it all in one step with ThermalStar LCi-SS.

Standard features include:
EPS core with a 7/16″ exposure I PS2-10 OSB inside
Available as 4’x8′ or 4’x9′ sheets. 4’x10′ available upon request
R3, R5 or R7.5 to meet energy code requirements
Designed for single family, multi-family and light commercial construction


Benefits to using ThermalStar LCi-SS:

  • 3 products in one
  • The EPS component has integrated subterranean termite protection and moisture resistance for above grade
  • Significant reduction in air infiltration and thermal bridging
  • Qualifies as an air barrier material (E2178 compliant)
  • Lower moisture risk and qualifies as a water resistant barrier (AC71 compliant)




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pdficon_small ThermalStar LCi-SS Brochure

pdficon_small ThermalStar LCi-SS Product Information Sheet 

pdficon_small ThermalStar LCi-SS Installation Instructions

Technical Bulletins

pdficon_small ThermalStar LCi-SS Nailing Best Practices Manual 

pdficon_small ThermalStar LCi-SS Door Sizing Best Practices Manual 

pdficon_small ThermalStar LCi-SS Fastening Inspection

pdficon_small ThermalStar LCi-SS Durability

pdficon_small ThermalStar LCi-SS Water Vapor Transmission


 pdficon_small ThermalStar LCi-SS Limited Lifetime Warranty

Product Approvals and Certifications

TER Report


ThermalStar LCi-SS is distributed exclusively by the Companies of Universal Forest Products.