Product Approvals/Certifications







Atlas EPS ULEX.R16529
UL Certificate of Compliance
UL Evaluation Listing of Atlas EPS Products 

UL Physical Properties Classification of Atlas EPS Products
UL Classification Listing of Atlas EPS Surface Burning Performance UL723

Atlas EPS UL BRYX.16529 Approval
— Flame and Smoke
Flint Hills Resources UL BRYX.7503 — Flame and Smoke for 40 and 60 psi
Atlas EPS UL QORW.16529 — Physical Properties for C578
Atlas EPS UL QORW.16529 — D6817 Geofoam Compliance
Atlas ESP UL TGFU.16529 — Roofing Systems
Atlas EPS UL Canada BOZCC.16529
Flame and Smoke and Physical Properties for Canadian Code



DrJ-Logo-black-no-textTER Report — Technical Evaluation Report for fastening of windows to foam sheathed walls
TER Report— Technical Evaluation Report for ThermalStar LCi-SS



ONNCCE Certification (.pdf)




ASTM C578 — User Required to Purchase




California Bureau of Home Furnishings and Insulation




FM Approvals® RoofNav®




ICC-ES Evaluation Report (.pdf)





NTA Engineering Evaluation Report (.pdf)




CCMC-13601-L Evaluation Listing (.pdf)
CCMC-13601-L Evaluation Listing (Canadian) (.pdf)