Atlas EPS — Solutions Delivered

Since 1965, Atlas EPS, a division of Atlas Roofing Corporation, has specialized in developing and manufacturing a wide range of unique, high-quality, HFC- and HCFC-free Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) products including:

ThermalStar® Rigid Insulation
Commercial and residential roofing, sheathing and below grade insulation. Our X-Grade,® X-Pro, EWG and XTR products feature EPSX™ Technology and a distinctive orange color.


Integrity® Component Solutions
Insulation components for garage/exterior door panel cores, patio/sun room panel cores, sidewall and roof applications for recreational vehicles and more.


Elevation® Geofoam
Highly engineered geofoam for geotechnical solutions.



Matador® Garage Door Insulation
Atlas EPS offers an easy to install Matador Garage Door Insulation kit to upgrade non-insulated metal garage doors.



All Atlas EPS products are easy-to-install, highly energy efficient, stable and versatile. Due to superior long-term thermal resistance and excellent moisture resistance properties, Atlas EPS products are an exceptional value when compared to other rigid foam products!