Elevation® Geofoam




All EPS products are not the same. Whether you’re a construction specifier, architect or project manager, you want the best possible solution for your soil replacement and structural fill applications.



Think Beyond the Block

The Geoblock System gives you the assurance of proven, tested construction products made from the finest raw materials manufactured by Atlas EPS. For the most reliable and predictable geofoam product, Think Beyond the Block.

A True System Backed by Solid Certification
You want reliable performance from the products you specify. Atlas Elevation® geofoam is engineered with consistent physical properties for the highest level of stability and predictability. Our products are backed by third-party UL certification of physical properties, including compressive resistance.

Trust Our Specialists to Meet Your Specifications
From initial design and spec verification to project completion, our experienced geofoam specialists ensure every project stays on track and on time. We test all products before they leave the plant, using the most
Performance You Can Rely On — And On and On
With 35 years of EPS manufacturing experience and 14 years of geofoam manufacturing expertise, no competitor offers you the proven performances you get with Atlas EPS. That’s why we back our EPS with a 20-year warranty for compressive resistance, the best in the industry.

We’ll Deliver On Time, Every Time
As a construction products manufacturer, Atlas EPS knows time is money. Just-in-time deliveries minimize double-handling and pre-staging of blocks.

Tested, Proven and Trusted for Fill Projects
Elevation® geofoam is engineered to deliver the highest level of stability for transportation or structural projects and clean, quiet fill for hospital and occupied commercial projects:

  • 100 times lighter than soil
  • Compressive strength @ 1% deformation ranges from 2.2 psi to 18.6 psi
  • No physical strength or dimensional stability degradation from freeze-thaw cycles
  • Prefabricated or custom-molded products to meet specific project requirements or Elevation® geofoam can be easily shaped in the field to site-specific requirements
  • No post-installation maintenance required
  • Closed-cell structure inhibits moisture absorption and the risk of mold or mildew growth
  • All blocks trimmed for easy stacking of multiple layers and clearly labeled to indicate block location and material grade for smooth installation
  • Shop drawings included, when necessary, that provide a graphic, block-by-block layout
  • No preloading or pre-staging required, for shortened construction schedule
  • Block certification offsets time-consuming, costly onsite material quality inspection
  • Environmentally friendly, contains no HFCs, HCFCs or pentane and emits no leachates into the environment

Elevation® Applications:

  • Bridge abutments
  • Retaining structures
  • Road widening
  • Utility protection
  • Hillside stabilization
  • Planters
  • Berms and land forming
  • Roadway sound barriers
  • Plaza decks
  • Embankments
  • Parking structure planters

Landscape Soil Replacement

Elevation SoilMax geofoam is an attractive fill material for applications ranging from slope and soil stabilization to roadbed and pavement insulation.


Non-Transportation Soil Replacement

With its light weight and compressive resistance, Elevation SlabMax geofoam works for a wide variety of non-transportation applications, such as theatre stadium seating and clean, quiet fill for renovations at hospitals and occupied commercial buildings.


Transportation Soil Replacement

Elevation RoadMax geofoam is engineered to deliver the highest level of stability for transportation applications. Typically used under roads, at retaining walls or at bridge abutments.



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