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Integrity Component Solutions

For more than 20 years, Atlas EPS has been supplying “engineered-to-perform” custom EPS products manufactured to OEM customers’ precise specifications — consistently and on-time, every time.

Atlas EPS insulation is a rigid, lightweight and easy-to-cut product, making it an excellent choice for RV sidewall and roof applications, garage door and exterior door panels and many other OEM applications.


At the Core of Your Success

As Henry Ford once said, “You can’t build a reputation on what you are going to do.” At Atlas EPS, we take pride in “doing what we say” and we take even greater pride in our:

  • Technical support, which makes us a better partner to our customers, who repeatedly come to Atlas EPS when launching a new product.
  • Long-standing and well-known reputation for providing innovative, proven, quality products.
  • Our responsiveness to our partners’ needs and convenience, such as having a wide variety of available block sizes, which helps reduce scrap, conducting site visits with sales people and technical staff and operating a large delivery fleet.
  • Long-standing commitment to partnerships within the rigid insulation industry that lead to better service to our customers and reduced costs.
  • Consistent partnerships with our vendors that involve testing cutting-edge technology with regard to raw material advancements and development.
  • Capability to hold tight cutting tolerances, even without sanding, unlike our competitors who often must sand products to achieve similar tolerances.
  • Large capacity for production and bead expansion; in our Michigan facility, we have the largest production volume at any single EPS plant in North America.
  • Commitment to selling construction products through distribution, not to contractors.
  • EPSMA membership with staff on the Board of Directors and Technical Committee.
  • Affiliation with a large, well-respected parent company.

Solid, Trusted OEM Partner Relationships
Developing trusted, ongoing relationships with each of our OEM partners is a key driver of how Atlas EPS does business. Some of the key elements for achieving that goal include:

  • Meeting with the partner so we fully understand the critical aspects of their product, training our employees about the product’s end-use to ensure that critical features are met and providing prints on the floor to communicate those requirements.
  • Submitting samples and prints for verification before the first load is shipped.
  • Customizing packaging, loading and marking for each part, and blind shipping if needed.
  • Visiting partners’ facilities to openly discuss and investigate cost savings.
  • Working together to maximize freight efficiency.
  • Responding with root cause and corrective actions, should a failure occur.
  • Commissioning product testing or marketing initiatives.
  • Providing technical support for building codes, material properties, joint product development, etc.
  • Making available on-time delivery tracking and quality scorecards.
  • Assessing partners’ ERP capabilities for how to best serve them with inventory management, demand-to-order, EDI, etc.
  • Assigning a dedicated Account Executive to each partner for consistent care.

Ongoing OEM Partner Care and Service
To nurture each of our OEM partner relationships, Atlas EPS offers:

  • A fundamental understanding that our partners’ products are used as part of an assembly, where tight tolerance and a deeper concept of fitness-for-use is crucial.
  • Testing equipment and labs in each Atlas EPS facility, as well as a corporate R&D Center.
  • On-time delivery tracking, for the ability to deliver just-in-time with shortened lead times to allow inventory minimization.
  • Engineering and design consulting, sample prototyping, specification and print review.
  • Customized, quality inspection of each product to meet the particular partner’s needs, such as strength, surface and dimension.
  • Our Oracle® Peoplesoft® ERP system’s ability to take customer demand from their ERP systems and translate into orders for delivery.


Door Manufacturing

High-quality Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) engineered for residential and commercial garage door and pedestrian door applications.



Integrity EPS packaging material is engineered to give your products added protection during shipping, handling and storage.


Panel Manufacturing

Atlas EPS insulation provides superior performance in two critical areas — insulation and structural properties.


Concrete Solutions

Lightweight, high-strength and easily fabricated, Atlas EPS Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam is the ideal choice for reducing weight.


RV Manufacturing

Atlas EPS insulation is a rigid, lightweight and resilient product, which makes it an excellent choice for RV roof and floor applications.



Atlas EPS has been a primary supplier of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam to the Structural Insulated Panel (SIPs) industry for 20+ years.



Spa Cover Manufacturing
Our EPS insulation, which can be tapered and cut-to-size, also has an R-value rating that helps retain spa water heat levels and ultimately reduce energy use.



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