RV Manufacturing

Integrity Component Solutions

Atlas EPS has been a leading supplier to the recreational vehicle industry for over 30 years, providing a wide variety of products — known for their outstanding surface and thickness tolerances — and services on a national scale. Atlas EPS has been an integral partner in many of the innovations and technological advancements incorporated in the structural design of the modern day RV. The Atlas EPS Engineering Group has been involved with many RV manufacturers in the development of structural wall and roof panel designs.

Under the guidance of its Quality Assurance Department, Atlas EPS ensures that its customers receive consistent

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delivery of service and product. Atlas EPS Quality Specialists are also involved at the research level to help provide the best options and alternatives at the initial stages of the product development process. As a long-standing member of the RVIA, Atlas EPS is committed to providing the best in quality products and services, both now and in the future, to the recreational vehicle industry.


RV Roof/Floor Applications
Integrity® rigid insulation is a lightweight and resilient product, which makes it an excellent choice for RV roof and floor applications. Based on the amount of roof/floor traffic and equipment weight, various strength grades are available to meet the necessary dimensional stability and compressive strength requirements. This product also offers long-term R-value for total structure energy-efficiency.

RV Sidewall Applications
Integrity® rigid insulation is a lightweight and easy-to-cut product, which makes it an excellent choice for RV wall applications. Normally used as a foam core laminated between an inside and outside skin, it also creates a thermal envelope around the structure. EPS foam core walls have fewer gaps, which make them more naturally resistant to heat transfer than with conventional stud construction. Also offering long-term R-value, using this product equates to continuous energy savings and comfort.