ThermalStar® Rigid Insulation



Ordinary just won’t do when it comes to specifying building materials. You want extraordinary performance, durability and value from the products that will help enhance your reputation.

ThermalStar® rigid insulation stands out as an innovative solution for all your below grade, sheathing and roofing applications. With their distinctive orange color, Atlas EPS products with EPSX™ Technology offer enhanced performance.

It’s Orange or It’s Ordinary®

What sets ThermalStar® rigid insulation with EPSX® Technology apart? Outstanding performance and exceptional value. ThermalStar® rigid insulation with EPSX® Technology maintains its superior thermal and physical properties over time — including R-value and moisture resistance — to provide long-term stability and protect your installation for years to come.

An excellent value when compared to other rigid insulation products! For performance you can trust and value you’ll appreciate, specify ThermalStar® rigid insulation for your
next project.

Below Grade

ThermalStar® X-Grade® protects foundation walls during backfilling, while providing excellent insulative performance.


Roof Insulation

ThermalStar® TS roof insulation products offer a smooth, non-abrasive surface for safe, easy handling and require no special tools or construction techniques. ThermalStar® TS roof insulation is offered as both tapered product or sheets.

Wall Applications

Versatile, lightweight ThermalStar® Siding Underlayment installs easily and offers higher, long-term R-value, exceptional moisture protection and termite resistance.


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