Roof Insulation



Conscientious builders demand products that reduce energy consumption, while creating a more comfortable living environment for building occupants. With its proven physical properties, including long-term thermal retention, ThermalStar® roof insulation ensures your commercial or residential roofing system will be as comfortable inside as it is durable outside. Its light weight makes it easy to hoist, handle and install for labor-savings. Apply ThermalStar® roof insulation in single or multiple layers to meet your needs.

Available in a full range of compressive strength grades, in standard and custom sizes, these ThermalStar® roof insulation products offer a smooth, non-abrasive surface for safe, easy handling and require no special tools or construction techniques.

ThermalStar® roof application solutions include:

ThermalStar® AGR:
Designed specifically for use in animal confinement and agricultural construction

ThermalStar® LRi:
Designed specifically for use under membrane roof assemblies

ThermalStar® Nailbase:
Rigid insulation with an exterior grade, span rated sheathing laminated to one side

Flute Fill & Flute Fill Sheets:
Re-roof applications

Holey Board:
Lightweight pour-in-place concrete roofing applications for commercial roofing projects

TS 10, 15, 20, 25, :
Standard, high performance EPS sheets, offered at various compressive strengths


pdficon_small ThermalStar AGR Product Information Sheet 

pdficon_small ThermalStar LRi Product Information Sheet

pdficon_small ThermalStar Nailbase Product Information Sheet
pdficon_small ThermalStar Nailbase Installation Guide

pdficon_small ThermalStar TS Product Information Sheet 

pdficon_small ThermalStar Commercial Roof Insulation Specification Sheet