Wall Applications



Insulated Sheathing Applications
The ThermalStar® product line includes products used in a wide variety of exterior, interior and cavity wall applications.Versatile, lightweight ThermalStar® rigid insulation installs easily and offers higher, long-term R-value, exceptional moisture protection and termite resistance. Many of the products in the ThermalStar® product line are available in a variety of compressive strength grades — from 10 psi all the way up to 60 psi!

ThermalStar® wall application solutions include:

ThermalStar® X-Grade® for Cavity Wall Applications:
Graphite enhanced rigid insulation for use in cavity wall applications, with an R-value of R5 per inch

ThermalStar® T&G:
Rigid insulating stucco backer that is for use in insulating exterior one coat stucco systems

ThermalStar® EIFS:
EIFS insulation substrate for synthetic stucco systems

ThermalStar® LCi:
Underlayment to be used as cover board to level the surface for a remodel project, or over wood sheathing on new construction (Available as sheets or fanfold)

ThermalStar® LCi-SS™:
Continuous exterior insulated structural sheathing for single family, multi-family and light commercial construction, exclusively distributed by the Companies of Universal Forest Products.

ThermalStar® One™:
Build homes faster and stronger with lower moisture risk, higher overall R-value and reduced air infiltration, all in one panel that is exclusively distributed by the Companies of Universal Forest Products.



pdficon_small ThermalStar X-Grade Product Information Sheet
pdficon_small ThermalStar X-Grade R-10 Comparison Sheet
pdficon_small ThermalStar X-Grade Substitution Request Packet

pdficon_small ThermalStar T&G Product Information Sheet
pdficon_small ThermalStar T&G R5 Comparison Sheet

pdficon_small ThermalStar EIFS Product Information Sheet
pdficon_small ThermalStar EIFS 40 Canadian Product Information Sheet

pdficon_small ThermalStar LCi Product Information Sheet
 ThermalStar LCi GX Product Information Sheet
pdficon_small ThermalStar LCi Installation Guide

pdficon_small ThermalStar LCi-SS  Product Information Sheet
pdficon_small ThermalStar LCi-SS Brochure 
ThermalStar LCi-SS Installation Guide

pdficon_small ThermalStar One Product Information Sheet
 ThermalStar One Installation Guide